Which Balance Transfer Cards Offer 0% Interest Rates For Up To 21 Months

If you have a large credit card balance that you are trying to pay down, consider getting a credit card balance transfer that gives you a long duration to pay it off at a 0 % APR. This means that you will not pay a single cent in interest on your card balance. This will help you pay off the card balance as fast as possible. Here are some credit cards that offer 0% interest rates for the first 21 months.

Santander Sphere

This card offers one of the longest 0% APR balance transfers in the market right now. You get up to 24 months to pay down your balance interest free. If you make a late payment, you get a $ 35 penalty fee and an APR of 29.99% on your existing balance until you make payments for 6 straight months without defaulting again. You have 3 months to complete your balance transfer from the first time that you initiate the process. The interest rate is not deferred during the transfer period, so the faster you complete the balance transfer, the better. The transfer fee is 4%.

This card is ideal for individuals who have large credit card balances that they are trying to pay off. Having 2 years to clear your debt will give you ample time to get your finances in order. Do not take a cash advance when you are using this card, since there are cash advance fees.

Citi Simplicity

With this card, you get 21 months of 0 % APR. This card offers quite a good deal because there are no late card fees and there are no APR penalties in case you make a late payment. This makes it quite a safe choice in case things go wrong and you are not able to make your payments as usual. You will be given up to 4 months to complete your balance transfer after you first initiate the process. The balance transfer fee is 3 %. The card charges a $ 0 in annual fees. You can transfer any kind of card debt on to this card, including student loans. This is as long as the account number of the card you are transferring from is 15 digits long and it doesn’t have any letters.

Citi Diamond Preferred

This card offers a 0 % APR on balance transfers and any purchases made on this card for the first 21 months. This means that as long as you are sure that you can pay off your balance within the first 21 months, you can use this card to make any large or small purchases that you want. There is a 3 % balance transfer fees charged. The major advantages of this card are the additional perks that it offers its users. You will also earn Citi Easy Deal points for each purchase made using the card. You get 1 point for each $ 10 you spend. You can also get access to presale tickets using Citi Private Pass.