Best Gas Reward Cards to Use to Offset Rising Gas Prices

In the face of rising gasoline prices, it is a smart thing to save cash with the help of a good gas rewards credit card. Most gas cards offer 2 to 5 percent discounts on gas stations as well as 1 percent cash back on other purchases. If you research well, you can find gas cards with no annual fees and with the ones that offer zero percent APR on purchases and balance transfers for a certain introductory period. Let us go though some of the best gas reward cards that can be helpful to you:

1. PenFed Visa Platinum Cashback – PenFed means Pentagon Federal Credit Union. They are not so well known but they are the best when it comes to gas reward credit cards. You can get 5 percent cash back on all gasoline purchases. But you will get just 0.25 percent back on other purchases. The other advantage is PenFed Visa Platinum Cashback is known to charge no annual fee, no cash advance fee, transaction fee or the over-the-limit fee. The card is given easily to people who are from the credit union relatives. Even if you are not technically eligible, you can be so by making a one-time $15 donation to the military charity. The rebates are given in the form of a check, account credit or gift card.

2. Citi ExxonMobil MasterCard – Citi and ExxonMobil are big names in the banking and energy industry respectively, and the joint product ExxonMobil MasterCard offers good cashback offers on both gasoline and other purchases. You can receive a 15 cent per gallon rebate on Exxon and Mobile purchases at over 10,000 nationwide locations. Customers also receive 2 percent cash back on the first $10000 worth eligible purchases every year and 1 percent cash back for the other purchases. There is no annual fee for Citi ExxonMobil MasterCard.

3. Amex BlueCash Preferred – Expect very good deals to the tune of 3 percent rewards on gasoline and groceries. Housewives will always give a thumbs-up for Amex BlueCash Preferred. There is no limit to the cashback you earn; you can get 6% cash back at supermarkets, 3% cash back at department stores, and 1% cash back on all other purchases.
4. Chase Marathon MasterCard – Chase Marathon is quite popular in Midwest and South-east United States. Customers can expect 5 percent rebate on all purchases including gasoline. and 1 percent cashback on other charges. Plus, there is no annual fee.

5. Costo TrueEarnings Card – This card has two versions – consumer and business. The consumer version offers 3 percent cash back on gasoline while the business version offers 4 percent. Costco restricts the higher returns on gasoline to the first $3,000 annually for the consumer card, and $6,000 annually for the business card. Other benefits include 2% cash back on dining and travel, along with 1% cash back for other purchases. There is no annual fee for this card.

One thing you have to bear in mind is that you should regularly make your payments on time, because if you do not, you will end up losing money rather than saving it. Secondly, keep a close watch on the terms and conditions involving the rebate or the cash back.